Welcome to Psycho-Pass group project !

Group Name : Psycho-Pass.

This name is original from a new season anime, and the story about police catching psychos who commit crimes. Literally, this name reminds us to pass our psychology class! 😀

We each have different and busy lives, however, we have communicated with each other and completed painstaking work for this project. As a group leader, I really appreciate my group members doing their best work even when they have challenging tasks. I would like to give a special thanks to Jessica Ellison.  She has been responsive to this project and provided us a lot of ideas and suggestions.  Without her, I would not have been able to play my role, as leader in this group, very well. You all are awesome! A group project requires an abundant amount of effort to achieve success, but we have made it!
It’s my pleasure to work with you!
By superchu0618