New parents are presented with many challenges. Some challenges are anticipated such as the need to purchase baby food and clothing. However, parenting becomes multidimensional once a child begins to show signs of psychological development. We have designed this website to help new parents become more comfortable with some of the changes that are associated with child psychological development.

The contributors to the site have researched child developmental psychology and have made this content available to the new parent in an effort to help them understand changes throughout childhood. The topics discussed are:

  •     Erikson’s Identity vs. Role Confusion Stage
  •     Harlow- Importance of Contact
  •     Kohlberg’s stages of morality
  •     Parenting Styles
  •     Secure and Insecure Attachment
  •     Self-Concept
  •     Stranger Anxiety
  •     Theory of Mind

Each topic has a simple explanation and helpful applications of those concepts are discussed. Although every child is a unique individual, parents could have better results with their children by learning how to take care of them based on these concepts. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that this content serves you well! 🙂


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