Our hope is that this material has provided parents and care-givers an up-to-date education in regards to a child’s development. The information on this site is only the “tip of the iceberg”. The study of childhood development has come a long way. We no longer have an excuse to repeat the same mistakes of the past. In this age of information, we have an almost immeasurable amount of tools at our disposal to educate ourselves and others how to better care for a growing child than we did before. The greatest thing any of us can do to change the world is to have a positive impact on a child. A human’s development starts at conception, from that point on, we should all feel a sense of responsibility and privilege to have a positive effect on that person’s life. Every passing moment, is an opportunity to change the life of a child. Reflect on what you have learned here and utilize the concepts to improve your relations with the children in your life. Then think of someone who you can influence and go change the world.



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